Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mumme Poll, Week 10

Hopefully any Dawg fans out there are reading the Senator. If not, shame on you. He has a weekly poll that he started in reference to the absurdity that was New Mexico coach Hal Mumme's final 2007 poll. The details of how voting works are spelled out here. Anyways, here's the Mumme Poll I submitted for Week 10. Top 5 are noted by asterisks, explanations to follow. Also, note that my teams are ranked in no particular order, so just because they're the last team in the list doesn't mean I think they're the worst of the top 12 and vice-versa for first in the top 5:

Texas Tech*
Penn State*

Southern California
Georgia Tech
Oklahoma State
Ball State

- Alabama remains in the top five because they took care of business like they were supposed to.

- Texas Tech moves into the top five after pretty much dominating Texas for the majority of the ballgame on both sides of the ball and I'm finally a pirate believer now.

- Florida might be the best team in the country right now. They don't wow you with offense like last year, but they are well coached and like Vanderbilt earlier this season, will make you pay for all your mistakes (see Georgia and Kentucky games).

- Penn State remains in top five being idle. 

- Texas played horribly for three and a half quarters, but put it all together near the end. They have an argument with Florida as to who is the best one-loss team in America.

- Oklahoma stays in the top 12, but doesn't crack the top five. Just from the eyeball test, it looks like they've quit playing defense this year. If their offense ever sputters, there are a lot of teams that could beat them.

- Southern Cal remains in top 12 after posting another shutout. Seriously, is their defense this good, or have they not played a real offense yet? I think it's that good.

- TCU & Utah are riding together in the top 12 from the Mountain West looking to become BCS busters.

- Georgia Tech gets in after an impressive win over Florida State aided by a timely defensive goal line play that caused the game-ending fumble. Who would have thought that of the two major teams in Georgia, Georgia Tech now has the only realistic shot at a BCS bowl?

- Oklahoma State is in the top 12, and they're closer to the top five than being out of my ballot entirely. That loss to Texas was not bad and they'll get their shot against Oklahoma and Texas Tech in the coming weeks to prove they belong in the top five.

- Ball State rounds out my ballot merely because I couldn't justify putting Ohio State or West Virginia in.

- I spent about 25 minutes compiling this.

- I dropped Georgia this week from my ballot. I can't put my finger on why Georgia is fast becoming the Ohio State of the SEC, but this is becoming rather embarassing to show up for big games and continously get your ass handed to you.


j.leonardjr said...

Is Georgia Tech really the best 2 loss team in America? I'll give you they had a solid win over FSU. But that Gardner Webb win just wreaks. They are a bad Div. 1-AA, or whatever they are called now, team and Tech needed a blocked field goal to escape. I know Tech was down to its 3rd team QB but still. Don't you think UGA, Mizzou or Ohio St. could fair a bit better with their 3rd QBs against GW?

AuditDawg said...

I'll give you that Tech had a bad game against inferior opposition, but you could make the same argument about half of Georgia's games this year and that hasn't deterred a lot of the other Mumme voters (although that could be blatant homerism at work). I can't justify putting Ohio St in b/c I'm still not over them pooping the bed at USC. Mizzou got throttled in their two losses to Okie State and Texas. Granted, Tech's loss to UVA was bad, but that put UVA as their division leader in the ACC. Perhaps holding them this high is a little bit of a homer pick, but depending on how they handle the trip to UNC this weekend, they could stay or drop.