Monday, November 24, 2008

Mumme Poll, Week 13

After the crazy shake-up that was the weekend in college football, here is my Mumme Poll for Week 13.  The results will be up at the Senator's site on Wednesday.  Top 5 noted by asterisk with explanations to follow.

Texas Tech
Oklahoma State
Penn State
Ohio State

- Alabama remains in the top 5 after an idle week

- Florida remains in the top 5 after an idle week.  Wait, they played this weekend?  I thought that was a scrimmage.  They put up 70 points on a hapless FCS school?? Oh, I guess that's supposed to be impressive.  Does anyone remember the scene from "There's Something About Mary" where Matt Dillon's character is playing the group of mentally handicapped people in flag football and he just runs over everyone while stiff arming them and essentially kicking their helpless asses?  Yeah, that's what Saturday's game for Florida vs. the Citadel was.  Let's see if they put up 70 against FSU, then I'll be impressed.  It really is a joke to me that big time schools would schedule an FCS opponent this late in the season.

- Texas has hope again after Oklahoma beat Texas Tech this weekend.  In the current BCS rankings, Texas is ranked above Oklahoma so as of right now, they are in line to represent the South in the Big 12 title game.  That could change if Oklahoma beats Okie State this weekend.

- Oklahoma remains in the top five after depantsing Texas Tech on national television.  I can't remember the last time a team absolutely embarassed it's opponent like that on the national state.  Oh wait, I forgot that Georgia played Florida and Alabama this year on the national stage this year, and got embarassed both times.  I digress.

- USC switches places with Texas Tech because of Tech's loss and USC's bye week.  They take on Notre Dame next weekend in LA.  That should be the final nail in Charlie Weis' proverbial coffin.  I'd really like to see this team play Florida because I think their defense against Florida's offense would be a great matchup.  Right now it looks like USC will be playing post-season ball in either Tempe or New Orleans because it's becoming clearer that Oregon State will be in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl.

- Utah pretty much assured themselves of another trip to Tempe.  By securing a second BCS trip in four years, I believe they reached the level of national respect that most teams in the BCS conferences get.  Congrats, Utes.

- Texas Tech, where do I start with you? Garrrrr, Bob Stoops stole all your pirate gold.  Let me go ahead and sent out a big THANK YOU for going ahead and crapping your pants on national television on Saturday.  Georgia won't be the only team that did it this year.

- Oklahoma State remains in the top twelve after a bye week.  They have a big game with Oklahoma this weekend that could boost their credentials for inclusion in the top five.

- Penn State is smelling roses.  Penn State clinched its first trip to the Rose Bowl since 1994 with an utter demolition of Michigan State on Saturday.  Congrats to Joe Paterno who told the pep rally crowd on Friday that he will be returning for another year in 2009.  He underwent a successful hip replacement surgery on Sunday and should be ready for the Rose Bowl on January 1st.

- Ohio State kept Michigan in that game for far too long.  Still, their only two losses are to USC and Penn State, so all in all a pretty good year for the sweater vests.

- Missouri remains in the top twelve on an idle week.

- Georgia also remains in the top twelve on an idle week.  Things may change next week depending on how they handle the NATS.

- This took me about five minutes to compile.  The only changes were switching USC and Texas Tech in the top five.